Five Kind Things Friday: Easter Edition

It’s that time again! 5 kind things Friday: Easter edition.

Now for some kindspiration. Is that a word? YES. Yes it is.


1. THESE Easter Eggs.

Seriously, how amazing are these typography easter eggs? There are a million and one ways to decorate easter eggs, and this is my new favorite. Do you have a favorite? Share with us in the comments!


2. Paint Filled Eggs on Canvas

In honor of little Miss Anistyn, I just had to post about this fun idea for an Easter party! Paint Filled Eggs on Canvas. I know, I know. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment? But you are only a kid once. I say, embrace the mess, (and make sure you play outside). This game is surprisingly easy to set up and so fun for your Easter party!


3. Easter morning pancakes

If your littles are anything like mine, getting them to eat can be a struggle. That’s why I love any chance I get to make meals fun for them. Fight the hunger strike with these adorable bunny pancakes.


4. Easter extravaganza bark

How fun is this? I’m a sucker for sugar, especially when it involves leftover easter candy (it’s all about recycling, am I right?). To make it extra kind, make sure and save some for the neighbors and let your littles bring some Easter joy.


5. Finally. A use for Peeps.

We can’t do an Easter edition of anything without mentioning Peeps. But if you are anything like me, Peeps have a lot of uses. None of which involve actually eating them. That’s why when I saw this Pinterest Peep experiment, I jumped at the chance to share with you a little something you can do with all those pesky peeps lying around this time of year. If you want to be old-fashioned and just eat them, I’ll try my best not to judge (my husband loves the darn things).


Happy Friday friends! Have an amazing Easter weekend and don’t forget to be kind!
Be kind and change the world,

Victoria + Jackie

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