Our Mission

Kind Culture Company was founded by two moms on a mission: To inspire and empower children to create a kinder world.

“It's not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It's our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless."
-L.R. Knost

We recognize that in every child’s hands lies the potential to do good and change the world. As mothers, it is a dream for us to create more than just another children’s product, but to create thoughtful and meaningful pieces that are woven into a beautiful childhood. We have created children's products that not only look beautiful and timeless, but do good too. Every purchase helps a child in need.

At Kind Culture Company we firmly believe that the best way to raise children with values such as kindness, love, and gratitude, is to exemplify these values ourselves. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to creating a business that gives back and does good.

Empowering children to be the positive change needed in the world will build their self-esteems, their sense of worth, and their overall well-being. We believe that all children are good and that we have the responsibility as parents to nurture and encourage this.

As we reflected upon what exactly we have set out to accomplish, we discovered that our true passion is in cultivating kindness. In creating a culture in which kindness shapes our decisions, drives our pursuits, and is intertwined in our very character. We believe that Kind Culture Co. is a true representation of this.

We thank you for being a part of our journey and are grateful for your support. We continue to be inspired by the dedication you show in sharing values like kindness, love, and gratitude, with the little ones that shape our future. We thank you for making purchases that truly make a difference. We will continue to strive to make thoughtful, meaningful products that not only look good, but do good too.

Spread Love!

Victoria + Jackie