Five Kind Things Friday

With Valentine's day this weekend, let's all share a little extra love.

On Fridays we share with you five of our favorite kind acts, quotes, videos, ideas, and more. Have a kindness story or idea you'd like to share, email it to hello@thedollkind.com with the headline: Five Kind Things Friday.

1. Make a DIY toy for your pet.

I've made pom poms from yarn myself and these are super easy. A quick 5-10 minute DIY. These are perfect to make your special kitty happy.

DIY Pet Toy

2. Ellen speaking out on kindness in People's Choice Humanitarian award speech. Because we ALL love Ellen. She's raised $12.5 million for breast cancer research, $10 million for survivors of Hurricane Katrina; she's given $1.7 million to schools, $21.6 to charity, and $35 million to her own viewers in need. 

Fun fact: she grew up in New Orleans. I'm a little partial to celebs from my home state :). 

'Kindness is something that we should all have. That's an innate quality that we have, and we need more of that out there.' -Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres Humanitarian Peoples Choice Awards

 3. A quote from The Doll Kind's Instagram this week.

A Good Deed

 4. A last minute kid's Valentines craft. We love this heart fingerprint bookmark for many reasons... It's quick and if you are a parent 'last minute' is likely your middle name, it's inexpensive and you likely already have the craft supplies for it, it's easy enough for toddlers, and it's a great gift for any of their loved ones from Dad to Grandma to their best buds.

Valentines Kids Craft Bookmark

5. The 'This is Happy' video from Happy Family Brands. I love this brand that puts out organic food options for our littles. I've used them since I first introduced my daughter to baby food.

Happy Friday friends!

Be kind and change the world!



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