The Doll Kind on Denver Channel 7 News

When I woke up yesterday, I had several tasks on my to-do list. I was watching a friend's daughter while she went to the dentist, I needed to go grocery shopping, do some laundry. All of the mundane day to day mom tasks. Not on my to-do list? Speaking to local media about the inspiration behind The Doll Kind. But hey, I was feeling pretty ambitious (I slept a full 5 hours rather than the usual 3).

I was so excited to get the call from Denver Channel 7's Kristen Skovira. I was even more excited that she had an hour drive to our home in Berthoud, Colorado, which allowed me to get out of my mom uniform of yoga pants and a tee.

Anistyn and my friend's daughter Febe were so graciously "watering" the sidewalk and lawn with their Minnie Mouse watering cans allowing me to frantically put makeup on while holding Madox in one arm. Have you ever put eyeliner on while holding a baby? It's terrifying.

Luckily, the house was surprisingly clean. No one was stripping down to their birthday suit and their were no tantrums being thrown because I picked out the wrong bowl for cheerios. All was good in the hood. If the interview had been today, I would have had a nervous breakdown. But that's another post for another day.

Kristen was so nice and so easy to talk to. She really made me feel at home. Ok. I'll stop with the horrible jokes now. But seriously, she was great.

Jackie and I have worked continuously to get the word out on The Doll Kind and our mission and it has been such a difficult task considering the super saturated world of advertising that we live in. To have the opportunity to chat with Denver Channel 7 is an opportunity that Jackie and I are beyond thankful for. Check out the interview and let us know what you think!


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