How We Empower

How we empower through the tokens:

Being kind is more than words. It involves action. That’s why TDK dolls come with tokens (10) to empower your child and get them started in spreading love and kindness. Children can give them to anyone they feel inspired to, in secret or not. Giving a token to someone may be considered a small act of kindness, but it can make someone’s day, including their own!

giving token

The joy we feel from making someone’s day is contagious and it will encourage children to look for more ways to spread kindness. We want to see all the different ways your child can be kind and give back. Get creative and have fun! Share how your child is making a difference in the world with their TDK doll and kindness tokens by posting your photos and videos to The Doll Kind's Facebook page or tagging us on Instagram @thedollkind. Be sure to use the hashtag #TDKspreadlove.

Being kind can involve volunteering, donating, or pitching in to make your home, community, and world a better place. It can mean giving back to a cause that you and your child believe to be worthwhile. This might be something big like saving the environment or little like helping mom with the dishes.

the doll kind

Kindness and giving promotes confidence, optimism, and builds up your self-image. It just makes us feel good about ourselves when we do things for others. It also gives us a sense of hope. We feel empowered when we make a positive difference in the life of another. For more information, this article explores the benefits of teaching kindness skills to others and the positive effects that come with it: 'Can we teach kindness?' A BBC News Article